Many travelers are having difficulties with finding a temporary shelter for their car during vacation. This question requires special attention, so each preparation for holiday for the motorists begins with a question ‘Where should I leave the car?’ We are going to describe the airport parking, which is mostly beneficial for those, who travel by air. When you travel abroad, choice of avr car rental services is always a good idea!

Convenient airport parking allows guests and passengers to leave their vehicles in safekeeping. Check-in and check-out on the territory of the parking usually takes place automatically. The receipt, received at the entrance, must be paid in special parking meters installed at the exit from the arrival area. Payment is possible in cash or by bankcard. After payment, most often you need to leave the parking within 15 minutes. Detailed parking guidelines for those, who are going to leave the car at the airport, are written below.


Types of airport parking

The air terminal is a place, where many citizens and guests of the city come and fly every day. People arrive at the airport and back by taxi or with the help of their own vehicle. Here comes a problem- a car must be parked somewhere. Near the air terminal, there is a large area, where a large number of cars could be placed. The arrival of cars is monitored by a security officer, who finds out for how long you park the car and what kind of parking you need.

What are the parking areas at the airport?

There are three types of parking areas at the airport:

  1. Short-term parking area

The first type of parking means that if you use it, your car will be guarded for one hour only. Moreover, in some airports, this type of parking allows you to leave the car for 15 minutes only! For the extension of time, you need to pay extra fee. Such parking lots have low cost and they are located near the exit.

  1. Long-term parking area

This is another type of parking lots, which is quite economical. Areas for long-term parking of cars are uncovered. They are usually located in the back of the airport. There are always a lot of empty places at the long-term parking, so there is no need to spend time and efforts to find the car.

  1. Business parking area

The latter type of parking space is made for wealthy drivers. Such places have a high cost, but the cars are left under special supervision. There are dozens of camcorders that record everything, what is happening at the parking.


The main advantages of leaving the car at the airport parking:

  • The vehicle is under the close supervision of a security officer
  • Guaranteed protection against hijackers
  • There are video cameras around the cars, which record everything that is being done on the area;
  • A good place to put the car without worrying about its safety;
  • No need to pay fines for an incorrect parking;
  • Acceptable prices.


Do we need parking areas at the airport?

Parking is a great way to protect cars, especially at the airport, where there are many people. Parking security staff carefully monitor the area all day round. They notice the smallest details. Your vehicle will be supervised nonstop. Nevertheless, remember that you should not leave valuables in the car, or just any personal things, which could be stolen. Paid parking is guarded and equipped with video cameras, which will protect your car from hijacking. However, it does not protect your belongings in the car from theft. Small thieves without problems will open the doors and trunk of the car and take away the navigator, outerwear, favorite sunglasses and other things.

Summing it all up, when you put your car in a parking space at the airport, this has many advantages. The driver chooses, what type of parking suits him/her best, taking into account the price and the time of their absence. There are various parking spaces, so that anyone can park their cars the way they like. If you need a convenient parking space, you can choose from the three main types of airport parking, which are described above.